Sometimes people just scream out to be mocked 2

Sometimes people just scream out to be mocked

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Obama mocks Fox News reporter's question:

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President Mocks Fox News Reporter’s Question About Gas Prices
During President Obama’s first solo White House news conference since November, Henry asked the president if he actually wants gas prices to go even higher. Obama mocked Henry’s question.

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes people just scream out to be mocked

  • Walter Lounsbery

    It is about time people mocked the overwhelming ass-hat attitude of the Big BS. And when more journalists get some balls like this reporter, you can bet there will be some serious questions instead of the loving ass licks most of the White House press corps delivers.

  • Paul Basehore

    He didn't ask if Obama wanted gas prices to go even higher, he asked for Obama's reaction to his critics on Capitol Hill asking that question. For his part, Obama gave his reaction. It was humorous, of course, but I didn't see the journalist being mocked as much as the critics on Capitol Hill being mocked.