About Sam

Sam’s Thoughts, think skeptically! :
This is the place where I will post things that are on my mind when I have the urge. I am a former engineer who lives in Ypsilanti, MI with my wife of more than 20 years Julie and our kids Sofia and Max. These days I write about cars and automotive technology for a living as a senior analyst on the transportation team for Navigant Research. Previously I was the Mustang editor for the Ford communications team, technical editor of Green Fuels Forecast and AutoblogGreen.  I am an unrepentant liberal and will never be ashamed of that word. I am also a proud member of the reality-based Community. I’m a geek and love to play around with technology and gadgets. I try to keep informed and as a result of I have largely abandoned most of the mainstream media and focus largely on the independent media for news, music and entertainment.

You can find my Google profile here.