At the opposite end of the scale from the F12berlinetta, we find the latest in plug-in…

At the opposite end of the scale from the F12berlinetta, we find the latest in plug-in hybrid technology from +Chevrolet, +Ford Motor Company and +Toyota USA.

+Motor Trend Magazine asks the question; which would take the Volt or the Fusion Energi? The Volt is the pioneering series hybrid/extended range EV while Fusion adopts the latest version of Ford's power-split parallel hybrid architecture. The EPA has rated the Volt at 94 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent) in charge depleting mode (electric drive) while the Fusion which comes out later this year is projected to get over 100 MPGe.

Meanwhile Toyota is about to launch the plug-in version of the Prius with an EPA rating of 95 MPGe. The Prius offers an electric driving range of about 11 miles while the Volt can go about 35 miles without gas and the Fusion is expected to get about 20 miles per charge.

The Volt provides the utility of a hatchback although the large central battery means it is limited to just four seats. The Fusion gets a roomier back seat with space for five although cargo space is more limited by the trunk.

Neither of these cars is inexpensive although they are certainly a lot more affordable than the Ferrari. Which would you choose?

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The Fusion Energi is Ford's answer to the Chevy Volt, but can it really dethrone our former Car of the Year? Share your opinion here.

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