Powerbags recently became available at retail and I highly recommend them

I had the opportunity to test a prototype for a couple of months last spring and they are a great addition to a digital lifestyle.

The Powerbag line was developed as a collaboration between wireless charging specialists Powermat and bag makers Ful. Ful makes great tough backpacks with lots of pockets and spaces for all your gadgets. The Powerbags add a lithium ion battery and built-in charging cables. Each bag has four internal connectors, a mini-USB, micro-USB, Apple 30-pin dock connector and a female USB port that allows you to plug in any additional charging cable. All of these are fed from the battery which is available in 3,000, 6,000 or 9,000 mAh capacities.

The bags are available in tradition two-strap or single-strap sling styles or as messenger bags. There is a single plug-in port on the outside of the bag so that when you get home or to the office you can just plug in and top up the battery. Those that travel by plane regularly will also appreciate the TSA-approved butterfly style design that allows you to unzip and flip open the laptop compartment without having to actually remove your computer before going through the x-ray machine.



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