You’ve gotta love a good photo op 6

Objects in the mirror may not be what they appear to be. It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words and also that the camera doesn’t lie. Although pictures can be worth many words, they won’t necessarily be the same words to everyone. More importantly a picture can easily be manipulated to express radically different words than what actually happened. The story told by a photo can and often does have no relationship to the event that was captured. For a prime example of why should always question everything you see and hear, especially when it comes from a politician check out these photos and more from DailyKos.

Here is the image that the mainstream media wants you to seeshrub lays a wreath
Here is the wider image of the same scene

Go see the page for more angles and other images.

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6 thoughts on “You’ve gotta love a good photo op

  • kate

    This is not the same picture, widened out. The officer is on a different side in the second, and the truck in the background is gone. Where did you get these and what made you think it was the same scene, only cropped?

  • Sam Post author

    I never said they were the same image. They are clearly different images. They are part of a series of images that were posted on DailyKos at the link at the end of the post. There is a series of photographs taken from various angles and altitudes. All were taken during the course of this wreath laying ceremony at the WTC site. Follow the link and check out the whole series. Whenever photographers shoot news events like this they take many shots and typically only one out of dozens or hundreds of shots will be chosen for publication. Any editor will tell you that one of the criteria for choosing particular images is to strengthen the narrative of whatever story it is they want to tell. A single image out of many will rarely tell the whole story of what happened at a scene. The point here was to demonstrate how images can be used to manipulate a story. Also take note of the images at the bottom of the linked page, showing how the a supporter of an anti-flag burning constitutional amendment seems to have no qualms about standing on a flag and how the toppling of the Saddam statue in Bahgdad was manipulated.

  • Sam Post author

    Also on further examination I think that what they did was to to create two pools at the location of each of the towers, and lay a wreath in each. The various images show each of pools, hence the change in backgrounds and positions of the people.