As a kid I once had dreams of being a pilot and I've always been fascinated by…

As a kid I once had dreams of being a pilot and I've always been fascinated by aircraft. Being an official Boeing photographer would be a great gig.

Boeing Flight Test Photographer: World’s Greatest Avgeek Job?
Meet a team whose job it is to fly around in vintage fighter jets to take pictures of new Boeings.

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Bathing birds

As I was out working in the yard this weekend I filled the two bird baths and guess what? That’s right the birds started bathing.  As I sat on the deck this afternoon looking for subjects to write about on ABG, camera at my side the birds started to arrive.  Most of them just stood on the side and had a drink, but a big fat robin got in and started splashing around.


white breasted nuthachJules recently spotted a pair of hawks that seem to be nesting over by the golf course, and I wanted to try and catch them with the new lens before the trees fill up with leaves. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the hawks, but on the way I heard a woodpecker and while scouring the tree, I also spotted a pair of white-breasted nuthatches foraging around and possibly preparing their nest. Click on the photo to check out an album of more shots.

You’ve gotta love a good photo op 6

Objects in the mirror may not be what they appear to be. It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words and also that the camera doesn’t lie. Although pictures can be worth many words, they won’t necessarily be the same words to everyone. More importantly a picture can easily be manipulated to express radically different words than what actually happened. The story told by a photo can and often does have no relationship to the event that was captured. For a prime example of why should always question everything you see and hear, especially when it comes from a politician check out these photos and more from DailyKos.

Here is the image that the mainstream media wants you to seeshrub lays a wreath
Here is the wider image of the same scene

Go see the page for more angles and other images.