Ypsilanti School Board Podcast 4

The podcast of the meetings of the Board of Trustees for the Ypsilanti Public School District is now live. You can find it http://ypsischools.podshow.com/. The audio of the meeting is uncut and unedited. I’ll be trying to record all the public meetings of the board and posting on podcast site. Podshow provides free podcast hosting services. You can leave comments or discuss the events on the site by registering. You can listen to the audio on the site by simply clicking on the Play It button on the left hand side.
ypsischools podshow com If you click on show archives you can will find icons for various audio players like iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. If you click on the icon of your favorite player the podcast will open in that player.

Finally if you want all the recordings automatically downloaded as they become available, you can subscribe with the orange xml button. Just click and drag the button to the podcatching software of your choice. You can use iTunes, Juice, Doppler and other software for getting podcasts. If you do this the podcatching software will periodically check the feed for new recordings and automatically download them and install them into whichever audio player you use. This works on Windows, Mac and Linux machines. You can learn a bit more about podcasting in this article on podcastalley.com. The podcasts are absolutely free and are just straight mp3 files. That means that you can listen to them on any digital audio player, not just iPods. You can also listen on the computer, on a cell phone that plays mp3s, or burn to a cd.

Subscribe to the podcast with this linkrss YPSD Board Meetings
If anyone wants to assist in this project by volunteering to record some of the meetings or record meetings from the other local districts (Willow Run and Lincoln) please let me know.

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4 thoughts on “Ypsilanti School Board Podcast

  • Sam Post author

    Thanks Amy. It came out pretty good for a $39 Radio Shack mike. I wasn’t sure how it was going to sound. The only processing I did was a little noise reduction and converting to mp3. I recorded everything using Audacity which is a great free open source audio recording and editing program. It’s the same program I use to record Max’s MewzikCast. Did I mention it’s free? This is one of the reasons I’d like to do some kind of training for the teachers on free software tools. There is so much cool technology available that can be used, that doesn’t cost huge amounts of money.