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2016 Lexus RC-F – Sometimes More Isn’t More

2016 lexus rc-f

2016 Lexus RC-F in Molten Coral

We’re coming up on nearly a decade since Lexus first officially announced its attempt to take on the Ms, AMGs and RSs of the automotive world. Toyota’s premium brand selected F as its official designation for performance-oriented variants of its well-built but staid vehicles. Until the arrival of an LC-F at some future date, the RC-F can arguably be called the current Lexus performance herald.


1966 was a big year for Bruce McLaren

1966 was a big year for Bruce McLaren. In addition to a controversial win in the 24 hours of Le Mans in the Ford GT40, McLaren launched his eponymous Formula One team. Over the past half century it has grown to become one of the most successful racing teams in history although sadly McLaren did not live to see the team's greatest successes. This is a very cool video of the over-the-shoulder view in many of the cars since 1975. What's particularly interesting is the way the steering "wheel" has changed over time.