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It doesn't matter how much money Bernie Ecclestone brings in, it's ti…

It doesn't matter how much money Bernie Ecclestone brings in, it's time for everyone involved in Formula one to walk away from this troll

Billionaire Head Of Formula 1 Stands Up For Sepp Blatter And Also Corruption
Formula One is among the top sports in the world, and it is headed by demented flop-haired muppet and megalomaniacal billionaire Bernie Ecclestone. Today he took some time to stand up for ex-FIFA head Sepp Blatter. And for raw, uncut corruption.

2016 Honda Civic Sedan – A Great Starting Point for the Type-R 1

2016 Honda Civic first drive - 1 of 44

In recent years, many critics have accused Honda of losing its way. The lightweight, fun-to-drive cars that helped build the Honda reputation from the 1970s through the early 1990s had given way to increasingly bland cars devoid of character. Chief of among the models that seemed to suffer was the Civic. First launched in 1973, the Civic wasn’t Honda’s first American model, but it really gave the brand momentum that picked up significantly a few years later with the debut of the Accord. The most recent Civic which debuted in 2011 seemed to epitomize everything wrong with the brand. Honda heard the complaints and tried to address them for generation 10 that goes on sale in November. However, hearing complaints and adequately resolving them are two different things and only time behind the wheel would tell us if Honda has been successful.