I wrote about this same topic of comparing 1970s and 80s cars to current models back in my AutoblogGreen days

The Chevette was one of the scariest cars I've ever been in. Back in college I carpooled to work with a couple of friends for a while. One guy had a Chevette and we took turns riding in the back seat which was terribly cramped and had a big driveshaft tunnel. The Chevette was a prime example of why such cars should always be built with front wheel drive unless you are doing a crazy high-performance version which the Chevette was not. One day as we approached a red light, I remember looking out the side window as we slid toward the back of a truck. As +John Voelcker says in this article, this car would never be allowed to be sold in any developed market today and that's a good thing.

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Why, back in our day…

Modern Cars Vs Chevy Chevette: Gas Mileage Much Better Today

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