Hmmmmmmmm. I've heard this same idea before, I think. (

* +Farhad Manjoo? has another great take on how disingenuous Tim Cook's privacy rant was*

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Hmmmmmmmm. I've heard this same idea before, I think. (

The fact that Apple goes out of its way to include free services like Google search in its iPhones and iPads suggests that it agrees with the rest of the tech industry — and many users — that ad-supported services can, on balance, be good for the world. The question to ask is not whether we should ever use those free services, but rather whether, when we do use them, we are given enough information and disclosure to be able to make those decisions rationally.

What Apple’s Tim Cook Overlooked in His Defense of Privacy
When Apple’s chief executive gave a speech on the tech industry’s privacy practices, he failed to fairly explore the benefits of free, ad-supported services.

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