Someone will launch an autonomous vehicle this decade but it won't be Ford, says… 6

Someone will launch an autonomous vehicle this decade but it won't be Ford, says its CEO

+Ford Motor Company will keep focusing on bringing advanced driver assist systems to a wider audience. I would guess that one of the German automakers will be first out of the gate with a vehicle capable of fully autonomous operation, but it will probably be in very low volumes. ?

Ford CEO Fields Predicts Driverless Cars on Roads in Five Years
Ford Motor Co. Chief Executive Officer Mark Fields said that an automaker probably will introduce a self- driving vehicle within half a decade, but it won’t be his company, which is focusing on less expensive features that assist in driving.

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6 thoughts on “Someone will launch an autonomous vehicle this decade but it won't be Ford, says…

  • Skyler Fitchett

    I want you to go ahead and do your research on Google's self driving car. California bylaws have already been applied giving Google a green light for use of them for consumers. Google already has cars that they designed and made. The first and last (if google gets their way with Uber involved) cars will be Google's. And that dates back to 2010.

  • Sam Abuelsamid

    Sorry +Skyler Fitchett but I think you're wrong.  While Google has made phenomenal progress developing control software for automated vehicles, they have not actually developed an entire car. The prototype they have shown was designed and built by Roush Engineering in Michigan.

    The laws in California, Nevada, Michigan and elsewhere enable companies to register and test their prototypes on public roads, not necessarily to sell any of these vehicles to the public. Before anyone can sell any of these vehicles there is still a great deal of work that must be done in order to enable these vehicles to safely inter-operate with the rest of the automotive ecosystem and under all road and weather conditions. Even Google has acknowledged that its vehicles still don't work in the rain.  

  • Melina M

    I could easily imagine Google pairing with one of the Japanese auto makers to make consumer-level autonomous cars as well.  They have a history of working closely with Toyota/Lexus, and I think it would be easier to transition from their prototyping partnerships to a commercial one than it will be for zee Germans to create their own system from the ground up.

    But if the Germans do get there first, I'm betting on Mercedes followed by Audi.