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The 1980 Rondeau M378 was positively crude by the standards of the top cars running at Le Mans today. The visual differences are also quite striking. Up top, the Rondeau has a huge roof that looks like it would quite roomy compared to the tiny cockpits of todays machines like the Audi R18 and Toyota TS030.

The other huge difference is the front tires. The Rondeau had the tiny front tires that were also typical of the formula one cars of the era. In recent years, LMP1 cars have switched to using the same size wheels and tires on the front and rear of the car. 

The Privately Designed Car That Beat Porsche At Le Mans
In 1980, a tiny French team’s boss sat into the car he designed himself and pushed the pedal to the floor as long as he could so his co-driver could finish the 24 Hours Of Le Mans two laps ahead of Po…

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