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I attended a dinner with Bob Lutz several years ago before the sales launch of both… 4

I attended a dinner with Bob Lutz several years ago before the sales launch of both the +Nissan Leaf and +Chevrolet Volt. At the time Nissan/Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn was laying out his aggressive plans to offer at least different electric vehicles and sell many hundreds of thousands a year. 

I asked Lutz if he thought Ghosn was a madman or a genius based on these plans. To my surprise, he replied that he thought it was a bit of both. If EVs took off, everyone would consider him a genius for jumping in with both feet. On the other hand, you have to be a bit crazy to make such a multi-billion dollar bet on battery powered cars. 

It's still way too early for a definitive judgement on electric vehicles, but I'm inclined to think that hybrids, plug-in hybrids and extended range EVs will be far more successful than pure BEVs. 

We Hear: Nissan Executives Disappointed By Slow Leaf Sales – WOT on Motor Trend
Nissan Executives Are Disappointed That Sales Of The Leaf Electric Car Remain Slow.

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This could get very interesting 2

 I think most judges and juries in patent litigation are probably predisposed to assume that granted patents are valid. If this case gets overturned based on the actions and words of the jury foreman, it could (AND should) have far reaching implications going forward.

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The foreman also told the jury to assume the patents were valid. Even though the judge had instructed to look into prior art claims and make a decision on the validity themselves.

Samsung claims foreman lied about his past to get on Apple v. Samsung jury
Juror defends himself to the press; Samsung wants him hauled back into court.

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