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The names that Apple has come up with for its two newest interface ports are both… 6

The names that Apple has come up with for its two newest interface ports are both inaccurate and inappropriate. 

First Apple came up with Thunderbolt, the crazy fast port that it developed with Intel and they followed that up with the Lightning connector for the new iPhone and iPods.  If you think of weather, we don't get bolts of thunder, we get bolts of lightning. The ports should probably be called LightningBolt and Thunder.

Then there is the problem of physics. Lightning is of course the arc of electricity that we see as a bright flash of light. Light travels at about 700 million mph. Thunder is the sound that accompanies a flash of lightning and it travels at about 700 mph. Despite the fact that thunder travels at about 1/1,000,000th of the speed of light, that's the name that has been applied to the speedy computer interface while the Lightning is used to label the relatively laggardly USB2 based iOS connector.

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Apple loses one in the IP realm

The trademark office said that the orange music note icon that denotes the music app on iOS devices looks too much like the existing trademark originally registered by iLike and now owned by MySpace

Apple denied trademark for music icon thanks to… MySpace
Apple lost an appeal to protect its famous music icon after trademark judges ruled that consumers were likely to confuse it with a mark now owned by MySpace.

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This is too funny 4

It reminds me of a testing incident I had in early 1992 as an engineer at Kelsey-Hayes. I was working on the an early test mule for what would become the Ford Windstar several years later. This development vehicle was cobbled together from another brand of minivan and the front axles were made from two pieces joined by a threaded stud with the seam welded. During one stop, I heard a loud snap! and when I tried to pull away, the engine revved but the vehicle never moved. Thinking the transmission had failed, I climbed out to take a look and found the two separated halves of the axle now hanging down toward the pavement. We ended up towing the vehicle back to the garage and removing the axle parts so we could get it welded back together. Not quite as catastrophic as this one, but it still disabled the vehicle. 

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Several years ago as we transitioned to smartphones I looked into phone insurance… 4

Several years ago as we transitioned to smartphones I looked into phone insurance again and decided against it. With four phones in the family and the ridiculous rates and deductables on these plans, it just wasn't worth it. The few times that I've had to replace a broken or lost phone, it's been easier and cheaper to just activate a previous generation phone or buy a used one from ebay. 

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Don't Buy Mobile Phone Insurance

SFGate.com's James Temple does a follow-up on his stolen cell phone and explains why getting insurance isn't worthwhile.

* Deductibles are high, such as AT&T's $199 for the iPhone
* You're not guaranteed a true replacement even with insurance. "Replacement equipment may, at our option, be refurbished equipment or different equipment of like kind and quality."
* Cracked displays may not be covered. 
* Loss due to nuclear war isn't covered (really! both fission and fusion)
* If the carrier doesn't provide adequate coverage, you've signed away your right to sue.

Temple: "Instead of buying insurance, Consumer Reports recommends that consumers hold onto their previous phone and simply switch back for the remaining term of the contract in the case of a loss. "

I take it back: Don’t insure cell phone
Earlier this month, I described the unhappy experience of losing my iPhone mid-contract and learning I’d have the privilege of paying $450 for a replacement. In the concluding paragraphs, I state…

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Bill Nye for President! 2

Bill Nye for President!

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Bill Nye deserves the thanks of anyone who wants actual science to be taught in science classes.

America's economic competitors hope he'll fail, of course — they want US schoolchildren to learn religious myths rather than reality.

‘Science Guy’ Bill Nye says religious-based dismissal of evolution endangers US science
LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The man known to a generation of Americans as “The Science Guy” is condemning efforts by some Christian groups to cast doubts on evolution and lawmakers who want to bring the Bible i…

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To Terry Jones, Fred Phelps and any other fundamentalist that comes to Michigan just…

To Terry Jones, Fred Phelps and any other fundamentalist that comes to Michigan just to raise up a bogus shit-storm, I have one request. Stay away! We don't want or need you!

Southeast Michigan and particularly Dearborn is home to what is reputed to be the largest concentration of Arabs anywhere outside of the Middle East. Many if not most of those people of Arab descent are Muslims of various sects including both Shia and Sunni, but many are also Christians and there are even atheists. 

Those Arabs live side by side with people descended from Europe, South Asia, the Far East and just about everywhere else practicing Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sihkism and every other faith or lack thereof under the sun. For the most part they coexist in relative harmony aside from the usual crap that afflicts any urban center, pretty much anywhere in the world. They all live under the same laws as Americans anywhere else in the country. 

Left to their own devices, the vast majority of people will just try to go about their own daily lives, earning a living, raising families, and trying to have a little fun along the way. Being in a continuous stay of conflict is just too damn hard. No matter what part of the political or religious spectrum you hail from, extremism is never a good thing. If that's what you want, please go find yourself an enclave in rural Idaho and keep to yourself. 

Leave us peaceful folk alone!

Dearborn: Where Americans Come to Hate Muslims
How a city of 97,000 became a must-visit location on the newly established anti-Muslim protest circuit.

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