There's no arguing with the fact that +Chrysler has made an absolutely remarkable…

There's no arguing with the fact that +Chrysler has made an absolutely remarkable recovery from bankruptcy and its absorption into +Fiat.  Following the bankruptcy, the company refreshed the entire lineup in just 18 months (including finishing some redesigned models that were in progress before the meltdown) and the pace has continued with development of all-new models like the Dodge Dart and the SRT Viper. 

The staff at Chrysler has plenty of reason to be proud of their accomplishments. Unsurprisingly though, it looks like burnout could soon start to set out in and Sergio Marchionne may have to let his team back off a bit or risk losing many of them. Not many people my age can continue pushing forward at the same pace as 20 year old programmers in Silicon Valley for years on end. 

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