What a difference a decade of freedom makes 2

What a difference a decade of freedom makes

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What 10 years of capitalism will do to a formerly communist country.

Soon after the Berlin Wall fell, photographer Stefan Koppelkamm took a bunch of pictures in East Germany. He returned 10 years later to find out what capitalism would do to those buildings and neighborhoods.



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2 thoughts on “What a difference a decade of freedom makes

  • Gord Birch

    Although I do love this series, there are a "Lot" of cities where these kind of pictures can be done. The 90's and the millenium saw a retro phase in construction of rebuilding of old architecture, rather than tearing it down

    Although in Canada, our History not so old, I can find many streets to show the progress of 10 years the same

    I am not putting down this, sorry, this is just an opinion, and these are exquisite pictures, and capture a time I will never forget, and I love it – I am just a bit questioning the premise