In a word NO

If you've been using google services while logged in to your account for at least the past half decade they've already been keeping track of everything you do so this is nothing new. You say you don't want a vendor combining your information to produce a more complete picture? If you want a free service like messaging or social networking, you're pretty much out of luck.

When you get a free service, you are not the customer, you (or at least your eyeballs) are the product that is sold to advertisers.

You can always hit the signout link in the upper right corner of google pages under your email address and then you won't be consolidated.

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As Google + users, what do you think of Google's new privacy policy?

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Should Google's new privacy policy worry you?
"Don't be evil." Google's unofficial mantra sounds pretty noble, right? But some say that Google has lost its guiding light in the wake of some recent changes to the company's pr…

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