As the biggest college football programs in the land take to the field this week…

As the biggest college football programs in the land take to the field this week in the big bowl games Joe Nocera takes on the cartel that is the NCAA.

The governing body of big time college sports has rarely shrunk from taking punitive action against "student" athletes when they fail to live by the no-pay rules but at the same time, the top 15 coaches collect combined annual salaries of $53.4 million.

In his extended piece in the Times magazine Nocera makes the case for paying college football and basketball players. Unfortunately the money that comes along with big-time sports has a corrupting influence on what are supposed to be educational institutions.

Instead of paying the players, the NCAA should be euthanized and intercollegiate sports (along with athletic scholarships) should be abolished. There is nothing wrong with the NFL and NBA wanting a minor league system to help develop young players they way they do in baseball in hockey. Let these leagues set up their own minor leagues and pay the players out their own pockets. As players are ready to move up they can while those that have seen better days can continue to play in the minors for a time

Let's use our universities for teaching and keep professional sports separate.


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The College Sports Cartel
The N.C.A.A. is a walking, talking antitrust violation.

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