Not the Daily Show 4

The other day Jules and I saw about ten minutes of the Half Hour Comedy Hour (I’m not going to bother with a link, because it’s not worth linking to), and boy did it suck!  if you haven’t heard about the show, it’s supposed to be Fox News’ answer to the Daily Show.   There is a very important difference, the Fox show is the opposite of funny.  Where the Daily Show and Colbert Report take real people and real events and hold them up to the mirror, to show how absurd or ridiculous they are, the new show had to resort to a really lame SNL style sketch parodying political correctness.  I’m not going to dwell on the details, except to say that it was typical of the worst of SNL, it went on too long and offered nothing to even smile at.  I’m no fan of politcal correctness, but this sketch, was just plain mean spirited and dumb.   Stewart/Colbert in ’08!

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