Free music from SXSW

sxsw 2007For the third straight year, the organizers of the South by Southwest Festival are offering up a collection of free music by some of the hundreds of bands that are playing in Austin, TX next week. The first release for this up now, and contains 739 mp3 files of all kinds of music. The files are in one huge zip file and they can be downloaded by via bittorrent. If you haven’t already used bittorrent, head over to Azureus and grab their torrent program. Azureus runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. Once you install Azureus, download the torrent file from here and drop it onto the Azureus window, and start downloading. It’s a big 3.1 GB file (the zip file with all the mp3s, not the torrent file, that one is small) so it will take a few hours to download if you have a fast net connection. Fortunately the nature of bittorrent is such that the more people share the faster the downloads go. After it’s done please leave Azureus open, and keep sharing with everyone else. After all, we learned in kindergarten that it’s good to share. This is all perfectly legal and the songs are released under a creative commons license so you can pass it along. Go sample the new music, you won’t be sorry!

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