Black Friday

Today is “Black Friday” and I’m celebrating it by ignoring it. In some past years I’ve made that early morning trek out to try and snag some insane bargains. However, I’ve come to realize that it’s just insane. No bargains are that great that they’re worth the hassle, especially when they’re made up of mostly mail in rebates. I’ve decided that I will no longer participate in the ridiculous rebate game and if I can’t get a good deal out the door I simply won’t bother. As for today, I looked around at what I have and what I need, determined that my time would best be spent today, sleeping in a bit, getting up and drinking some coffee, dropping off my car at the dealer for service and then sitting down to read and write. We’ll probably go see a movie later, and on top of it all, I can just reflect on how lucky I am even when things aren’t so perfect.

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