A dose of relief

I don’t watch TV news anymore except for the only ones that actually expose the truth like the Daily Show and Colbert Report. I also don’t get the newspaper anymore. I do read news online, from various sources. I also know that I am probably in the minority on this in the population as a whole, although maybe not among readers of this page. So if you are still being inundated by the crap from the mainstream media, I have just the thing for you. For some time now America’s Finest News Source, The Onion has been producing a daily news podcast. It is short, only 45-60 seconds typically. It is however one of the finest news broadcasts in the world. The Onion Radio News is hosted by the great Doyle Redland is far more informative than anything you will ever hear on Fox News. I urge all thinking humans to immediately go to the site and subscribe. If you only listen to one podcast, then you should listen two of them, The Onion Radio News and the MewzikCast. Your sanity depends on it. The brilliant journalistic minds of The Onion have triumphed again!

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