Skipping 9/11 TV 4

Over the next couple of weeks television viewers in this country will be bombarded by specials reminding them of the fifth anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001. I was around when it happened the first time and have seen it repeatedly over the past five years. I don’t need to see it yet again. You can count on the media to also bombard viewers with “fear the terrorists!” propaganda at the same time. I will be skipping all of these shows. There is only one 9/11 memorial I want to see, the opening of impeachment proceedings.

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4 thoughts on “Skipping 9/11 TV

  • trusty getto

    I heard this morning that Scholastic has pulled out of the 9/11 promotion! I’ll be looking around the Net at lunch to find confirmation and more of the story.

  • Sam Post author

    According to Mark and many other sites they have apparently pulled all the “educational” materials they had posted that were tied into the ABC show and have replaced them with new materials that are more focused on critical thinking and media literacy. Hopefully the first line of this will be “Don’t believe everything you see and hear on the news.” Think sceptically and question everything!