Faux News Joins the War on Christmas!

So all the fascists on the who are all against government telling you how to run your life (after all that is the fascist’s job, not some faceless bureaucrat’s) have been whining incessantly about the “Liberal War on Christmas!” Well now they have a new target to go after. The patron saints of the right wing media at News Corp., owners of Faux News are having a Holiday Party! That’s right, not a christmas party but a holiday party!. Here is a copy of the invite courtesy of our friends at Air America Radio
Fox news holiday part invitation

I wonder how much noise Rush, and Sean and “O’Really!” will make about this one? Since I am physically incapable of watching Faux News without immediately changing the channel or turning off the TV, I will have to rely on reports from others to see if it is ever mentioned on air there.

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