The Katrina Diaspora

Dave Winer makes some good comments on the aftermath of hurricane katrina:

The disaster is continuing. The national response is wholly inappropriate. I think we have to get ready to welcome the refugees into our homes, to absorb the population of New Orleans and the surrounding area into the rest of the country. I think it’s clear that’s where we’re headed

The whole country needs to come together and help the people of the region who really need help. We also need to take a really serious look at whether New Orleans should even be rebuilt in it’s current location, or whether we should build anew somewhere else. We need to stop the political bullshit about rebuilding and look at what is really best for the people and the region. I believe that rebuilding in the heavily contaminated toxic pool that was formerly the Big Easy is a huge mistake. Whatever we do something like this is bound to happen again sooner or later. With hurricanes getting worse every year, this is likely to happen again sooner rather than later.

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