An Absence of Real Leadership

Over Dave Winer’s Scripting News blog he quotes the following from Daily Kos

Fair question: “How is it that today, nearly four years after 9/11, we have no cohesive plan to deal with the region’s refugees, the potentially one million American citizens without work or a home or basic care?” Permanent link to this item in the archive.

Dave’s response was:

The writer above is absolutely correct that, if we were prepared, the response to the aftermath of Katrina would be further along by now. Responsibility however is not with the administration, it lies with the electorate. We had a chance to make last year’s election a referendum on the politics of terrorism, to seriously evaluate our preparedness, if we really cared. If anything is learned from this, we have to think, we can’t delegate. We need leadership that cares, not in a superficial way. That leadership must come from us. We have some very huge decisions to make right now, and many thousands of lives depend on how well we do. That said, I have few ideas of things we can do other than give money to relief agencies, which of course, we are doing.

I agree and this goes along with the old saying that “People elect the government that they deserve” The fact that so many people in this country are so intellectually lazy that they bought all the bullshit that the republicans have spewed over the years is also a tragedy and those people must take at least some responsibility for the events of the last few years. Unfortunately all the rest of who didn’t buy into the lies also have to pay the price and the cost of democracy. People need to take more responsibility for the information that they receive. They can’t just sit back and soak up all the crap the mainstream corporate media dish out. They need to find their own news from new independant sources.

Long live Dave Winer and Kos and the rest of the Blogosphere and the Podosphere!

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