2016 BMW 650i – Touring In The Grand Style

2016 BMW 650i (photo credit: Sam Abuelsamid)

2016 BMW 650i (photo credit: Sam Abuelsamid)

It’s been a quarter century since I drove a BMW for the first time.  After years of reading Car and Driver’s praise of the 3 and 5 Series, my entre into the brand came via the big coupe which in those days was the 850i. The 8 series had supplanted the 6 series while moving significantly upmarket. The 8 was only produced for a single generation before giving way to an eventual revival of the 6 which I finally had a chance to drive recently in 650i form.

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2015 BMW i8 – A Plug-in Hybrid Spaceship From Munich

2015 BMW i8

A good rule of thumb when attending an auto show is that the more radical looking a concept car is, the less likely it is to ever make it to production. Virtually every major brand is guilty of producing pieces of rolling sculpture that end up doing little more than introducing a couple of new design cues that end up on more mainstream models. When we first saw BMW’s Vision EfficientDynamics concept at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, it seemed to fall squarely into this category. Nevertheless, five years later something very much like that concept emerged as the first-ever i8.


BMW has been surprisingly aggressive with its plug-in vehicle considering that it's… 1

BMW has been surprisingly aggressive with its plug-in vehicle considering that it's not really in the mainstream segments like Nissan and General Motors. They've done a lot of technically very interesting things with these cars with their use of carbon fiber.

While I remain skeptical of the near to mid-term commercial appeal of EVs, I'd had to see the work BMW has done go to waste.
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BMW's electrified future may be in jeopardy, as the automaker is now discussing exit strategies. Did BMW jump the gun on electrification?

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