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There's a very thin line between leading edge and bleeding edge

Unfortunately it looks like +Nissan is going to have break out some bandages after today's Le Mans test day. The Nissan GT-R LM Nismo is about as all-new as it gets and the first day on the track with the rest of the 24 Hours of Le Mans field does not appear to have gone very well.

While the +Porsche 919s led the way with a best lap time of 3:21.061 followed closely by their +Audi USA R18 cousins, the best Nissan could manage was 3:50.713, putting this front-drive hybrid LMP1 back with the GTE machines. They have a lot of work to do in the next 13 days 🙁

Today Hyundai becomes the first automaker to launch Android Auto

Anyone that purchased a 2015 +Hyundai Worldwide Sonata with the navigation head unit can bring it their local dealer for a free software update that will enable +Android Auto support. For now there is no news about Apple CarPlay support although since the Google I/O developer conference is also happening this week, I'd guess that we'll hear something the week of June 8 when Apple holds it's Worldwide Developer Conference.

I got demos of both systems back in January


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Pickup trucks can be hugely useful for a lot of jobs, but they can also be just plain huge

It's good to see publish a piece that looks at reasons why you might not want actually buy one. Personally, I've long been of the opinion that for my lifestyle, a truck is a great thing to be able to borrow (see item 5 in the list).

Top Five Reasons Not to Buy a Pickup – News
By G.R. Whale. I’m a pessimist and a contrarian — I’ve been that way for years and I don’t see imminent change on the horizon. I’ve also been playing with pickup trucks for 40 years. After recently having a few in the driveway simultaneously, I realized there are good reasons not to buy a pickup …