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We are screwed!

Atmospheric carbon emissions may well be the least of our problems. We all of the insane overfishing and overfertilization of fields we do, jellyfish are rapidly taking over the oceans.?

They’re Taking Over! by Tim Flannery | The New York Review of Books
It’s become fashionable to keep jellyfish in aquariums. Behind glass they can be hypnotically beautiful and immensely relaxing to watch. Unless we are enjoying them in this way, we usually give little thought to the creatures until we are stung by one. Jellyfish stings are often not much more …

The next time you hear an American politician bloviating on how much they support…

The next time you hear an American politician bloviating on how much they support the troops, ask them if they would give up their pension for a soldier

The vast majority of politicians, especially in congress are liars and hypocrites. Every member of congress is fully vested for a pension after just five years of "service." That means a senator wouldn't even have to complete a full term in order to start collecting a paycheck for life.

If on the other hand, someone opts to serve in the military, they would have to put in 20 years before being eligible for a pension. Members of the special forces including Navy SEALS and Army Green Berets put their lives on the line in some of the most dangerous situations, especially in wartime and yet if they are unable to last 20 years, they leave with nothing but a pat on the back. 

After 16 years, the man that put a bullet a brain of Osama bin Laden found that his body and brain simply couldn't take any more and opted to retire. Upon leaving the service, he had no pay, no health insurance for his wife and children and no real prospects for a career despite his proven leadership capabilities. 

Because of his particular assignments, this man cannot even reveal what he had done for the past 16 years without put his and his family's lives in danger. 

I've always felt that the whole "support the troops" rhetoric was totally disingenuous, and the fact that no one has done anything about taking care of ex-soldiers just proves it.

Print – The Man Who Killed Osama bin Laden… Is Screwed – Esquire
The Man Who Killed Osama bin Laden… Is Screwed. For the first time, the Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden tells his story — speaking not just about the raid and the three shots that changed history, but about the personal aftermath for himself and his family. And the startling failure of …