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Frankly, this shouldn't come as a shock to anyone 13

Because we allowed our largest providers to choose incompatible network technologies, we have artificial barriers to switching unlike many other parts of the world that use GSM where users can just swap in a different SIM card and be on a new network.

Of course consumers have to take a lot of the blame too for falling for the subsidized phone, 2-year contract business model.  Because we get suckered into what appear to be cheap phones up front, we pay more over time on the contract.

On the other hand, there is no incentive for consumers to go contract-free since they don't get better rates even if the phone is paid for. 

Americans Are Paying Way Too Much Much For LTE, Says New Study | Cult of Android
The first time you purchase your first LTE-capable smartphone, the biggest shocker of the device isn’t how wicked fast LTE download speeds are, it’s how sinisterly expensive it is to pay for all that …

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Maybe with the full Federal Circuit court re-hearing this case we might start to…

Maybe with the full Federal Circuit court re-hearing this case we might start to restore some sanity to the patent system. Or not 🙂

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Is a saner patent system in our future? The full Federal Circuit agrees to revisit a troubling case that may affect the validity of software patents.

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The Federal Circuit to Take on Software Patents … Again | Electronic Frontier Foundation
In a welcome move, the full Federal Circuit has agreed to revisit a troubling ruling in a case called CLS Bank v. Alice Corp. This case, along with the Ultramercial case, presents an important opportu…

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Wow, what a ride!

Wow, what a ride!

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Watch the moment he went into a dizzying spin

Watch this: Felix’s chest cam captures nauseating 833mph fall to Earth
Following yesterday’s record-breaking stratospheric freefall, the first video captured by Felix Baumgartner’s suit-mounted camera has been broadcast by Austrian TV station Servus. The incredible…

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