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This is precisely how we got Al Queda in the first place 4

We armed Mujahadin rebels in Afghanistan with support from the Pakistanis, Saudis and other Arab dictators just to fight the Soviets and they eventually spawned both Al Queda and the Taliban.

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Thinking Giving Arab Rebels Anti-Aircraft Weapons that Can Shoot Down Government Fighters, Helicopters and Air Transport is a Good Idea?
Mitt Romney apparently does

Remember, Syrian rebels include jihadist from many countries, including thousands with ties to Al Qaeda. 

Reuters: "a Romney administration would work with its allies to ensure that Syria’s rebels receive missiles that will allow them to shoot down government attack jets and helicopters. And he said a Romney White House would do more to back post-Arab Spring countries as they try to democratize."

Romney’s extreme foreign policy makeover
As with domestic policy, the Romney campaign has dramatically moderated its tone on foreign policy in recent weeks. And it might be working politically.

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If you've ever checked out one of the increasingly numerous plug-in vehicles…

If you've ever checked out one of the increasingly numerous plug-in vehicles available in new car showrooms, you may have noticed the window sticker with EPA efficiency estimates in MPGe or miles per gallon equivalent. Since plug-ins can operate without liquid fuel all or part of the time, they had to come up with a way of comparing the energy efficiency against conventional and hybrid vehicles. Check out this video to find out what MPGe means. #ford   #mpge   #efficiency  

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It's great to here that Facebook has backed off on what I always thought was… 4

It's great to here that Facebook has backed off on what I always thought was a bad idea.  I share a lot of stuff and click on plenty of links that other people share.  However, whenever I clicked on something that prompted me to install a frictionless sharing app, I always backed out and found the information some other way.  A bit of friction is a good thing.

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So… Facebook has "deprecated" frictionless sharing of what people are reading. Announcement from earlier today: "In order to provide users with experiences that meet their expectations, we will no longer approve custom actions that publish stories as people consume content. These apps must use the appropriate built-in actions or create a different sharing experience. "-Henry Zhang, Facebook http://j.mp/Rh5Tm6 

I've never used an app, particularly a newsreader, that did this. For me — and others, like +Mike Loukides, whose post I've share din this one  — automagically sharing whatever you read is quite problematic.

What this boils down to is that developers will now have to code in actions like “Watch,” “Read,” “Listen” or “Follow" to share something — adding some intentional friction.

That, I like.


The end of social – O’Reilly Radar
If you want to tell me what you listen to, I care. But if sharing is nothing more than a social application feed that’s constantly updated without your volition, then it’s just another form of spam.

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