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How Apple’s Obsession with Google Is Hurting Apple 8

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How Apple’s Obsession with Google Is Hurting Apple

Every once in a while, a company becomes so obsessed with a competitor that it loses focus on its own customers. They start designing and positioning their products more to hurt rivals than thrill users.

And I fear that now it’s happening to Apple.



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My friend +John Voelcker spoke with officials from +Nissan about the results of…

My friend +John Voelcker spoke with officials from +Nissan about the results of testing they did on the some of their customers Leafs (Leaves?) following complaints that the batteries were losing capacity. Bottom line from Nissan? These cars had accumulated higher than average mileage (about 19,000 miles on average in about a year) and the losses were right in line with projections based on the mileage.

While consumers are accustomed to their laptops and phones losing capacity over time, those batteries are relatively inexpensive compared to a car and easy to replace (unless you have an iPhone, iPad or a Macbook Air). Loss of battery capacity is also more of an annoyance on these devices compared to the loss of driving range in a car which can leave someone stranded.

Nissan opted to go with air-cooling for its battery which reduces the weight and cost, but will inevitably have a cost in longevity. We haven't heard of any similar issues yet with the liquid-cooled battery in the +Chevrolet Volt but it may not be as noticeable in this range-extended machine. The +Ford Motor Company Focus Electric hasn't been on the road long enough and there aren't enough out there to see if this will be a problem with its liquid cooled pack. 

Average consumers are used to driving their cars for years on end without losing significant functionality. If plug-in vehicles continue to exhibit this sort of degradation, it certainly won't do the effort to electrify transportation any good. 

Nissan Suggests Leaf Battery-Capacity Loss Due To High Miles: Exclusive
It’s been a few months now since reports of losses in battery capacity in Nissan Leaf electric cars began to filter out of Arizona. Owners have complained to Nissan’s Consumer Affairs group and writte…

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