+Felix Salmon gets it entirely right in this piece about how journalism is changing…

+Felix Salmon gets it entirely right in this piece about how journalism is changing and must change. It used to be that journalism was largely a one-way feed with the writers spewing forth their words and the occasional cranky reader writing back to the editor. 

Today's technology and means of distribution turns that on its head, because the scarcity imposed by the physical publishing platform has been supplanted by nearly free platforms that are accessible to all. That means that anyone with an opinion, knowledgable or otherwise can put it out there. 

The old-fashioned writers and frankly even a lot of bloggers just arrange and regurgitate the "facts" as they hear them. The most valuable journalists today spend as much or more time reading what others write and then provide analysis and context that helps their readers to understand what it all means. They also call BS when it's required.

That's what I've always tried to provide in my own writing. I'm not always correct and I admit it when I mess up but at least to try to provide some insight. 

Teaching journalists to read
I found myself at 7:45 this morning in a very posh Upper East Side club, being offered an array of ties to choose from before being allowed upstairs to take my seat between Nicholas Lemann and Victor …

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