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Interesting article on Air & Space mag about the F-35 8

 One of the main arguments for creating a single aircraft type to try and serve the needs of air forces, navies and marines was the cost savings that could be achieved in terms of training, service and spare parts. But are these forces setting themselves up for a massive failure.

While this certainly makes sense for civilian aviation where airlines like Southwest have demonstrated the advantage of using one aircraft type for all needs (Southwest's entire 571 plane fleet consists of Boeing 737s) it may not actually be such a great idea for a military force. 

By using the F-35 for so many applications, the US military along with 10 other countries are creating a fighter monoculture. 

_“We all show up tomorrow with the same kit,” says Lieutenant General André Deschamps, chief of Canada’s air staff, “the same software, same everything. The procedures are the same, the training’s the same."_ 

In this age of increasing cyber warfare, having the same control software across so many fleets may actually be a liability. These modern planes have live data links back to base and amongst each other to transmit intelligence in real-time. If/when there is a flaw, it could potentially be exploited to ground the entire fleet in one shot. Monocultures are never a good thing and I don't think this is a good place to start.

The Ultimate Fighter?
With the F-35, Lockheed Martin takes a turn trying to make one combat plane that can do everything.

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Autonomous vehicles have the potential to do more to advance automotive safety than… 4

Autonomous vehicles have the potential to do more to advance automotive safety than any other technology, ever!

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A step forward!

Self-Driving Cars Approved by California Legislature
The California state legislature just approved a bill paving the way for driverless cars to be allowed on Golden State freeways.

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Chances are that you or someone in your family has experienced something in their… 8

Chances are that you or someone in your family has experienced something in their medical history that an insurance company would consider a pre-existing condition. Until the passage of the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies were free deny individual coverage to anyone with such pre-existing conditions at any price.

The only way for people with pre-existing conditions to get insurance was through group coverage through an employer. Unfortunately the rising cost of insurance over the past several decades resulted in many companies, especially smaller companies cutting back and in many cases not offering insurance. 

That is the system that Republicans desperately want to retain. They want huge for-profit insurers to be able to charge more and more for less and less only to people that aren't likely to cost them anything. They don't care about ordinary lower and middle income families. Think about that when you go to the polls. 

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The $23,800 bug bite. 

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An Entirely Other Day: Bugged
It’s just after midnight and I’m sitting in a hospital room in the pediatric unit next to my ten-year-old son. He’s asleep now, after a hard day of watching TV and playing games on the iPad and tellin…

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