The future of the car is all about connections, within the cabin, between cars and…

The future of the car is all about connections, within the cabin, between cars and to the surrounding infrastructure. As an aside, I just learned today that Chris Borroni-Bird has left +General Motors where he was director of advanced technology vehicle concepts to join +Qualcomm as VP of Strategic Development. 

At GM, Chris was the driving force behind the EN-V urban mobility concept vehicles. The N in EN-V stands for Networked, and V2V and V2I communications are a critical part of making the whole idea of autonomous vehicles work. Qualcomm is one of the world's leading producers chips for mobile communications devices. There could be some very interesting times ahead for Chris and Qualcomm.

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At 10am Thursday CET  Ford will be hosting a roundtable discussion at #IFA2012  on "The Future Of The Connected Car".

Have a question or discussion starter you would like to pitch to the pannel
>> In-car communications and entertainment. 
>> Cloud computing. 
>> Car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communications.
>> Introduction of Apps to vehicles and the opportunities this presents. 
>> Privacy concerns and data sharing. 

Spokespeople from Ford, Microsoft, TuneIn Radio and INRIX traffic services are participating with +Sascha Pallenberg ( chairing the discussion. 
*Get your voice heard* 
>> Ask your (on topic please) questions in the comments on this post. 
>> Ask using this hash tag: (Public please, or we may not pick it up).
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Thanks – +Robert Wallis 

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