Wow! this is a huge change for +Tony Posawatz and for +Fisker Automotive  2

Wow! this is a huge change for +Tony Posawatz and for +Fisker Automotive 

Unlike former Chrysler CEO Tom LaSorda who has left Fisker, Tony is intimately familiar with what it takes to develop cars like the Karma and Atlantic. From 2006 until 6 weeks ago, Tony was the vehicle line director on the +Chevrolet Volt and he is already familiar with Fisker's battery supplier +A123 Systems.

Along with LG Chem which eventually won the Volt battery supply contract, A123 was the other company that got a development contract for the Volt. A123 has had a number of issues on the Karma since it launched including a major recall because of a manufacturing defect.

Ensuring battery reliability is just one of the tasks that Tony will face at Fisker. The Karma has experienced a wide array of quality problems including at least two fires. Fisker will have to fix what are probably an array of engineering deficiencies on the Karma at the same it tries to develop the next model, the Atlantic. 

All I can say is best of luck Tony! It was fun working with you!

Volt Executive Tony Posawatz Is New CEO Of Fisker Automotive
In an unexpected announcement, struggling startup electric-car maker Fisker Automotive has named Tony Posawatz its new CEO and President. He replaces Tom LaSorda, himself appointed CEO only in late Fe…

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