Frankly two phones are almost never better than one 2

The thing that iritates me about this article is that the author never seems to see the need to call out the people he has interviewed for why they seem to think they must use an iPhone for everything but the email they do on the blackberry.

There are plenty of excellent alternatives to the iPhone for those that prefer to use a physical keyboard and retain the multimedia capabilities of the iPhone, they just don't happen to be built by Apple. The folks in Cupertino feel that it's there way or the highway. 

I use a Droid3 and the physical keyboard rocks for typing longer messages. There are also several other good choices available on multiple carriers.  Don't be an Apple/BB leming. Just because an iPhone is the fashionable choice that doesn't mean it's the best choice for your needs.

When Two Phones Are Better Than One
Two phones make a powerful solution to corporate multimedia types, who may keep BlackBerry for business and iPhone for personal media.

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