Over the years the Wall Street Journal has received plenty of often well deservered…

Over the years the Wall Street Journal has received plenty of often well deservered praise for the journalism on its news pages. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of its editorial pages which have been steadfastly slanted to the far right of the political spectrum and frequently show a startling disregard for the truth.

A prime example was a column penned recently by Gordon Crovitz. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390444464304577539063008406518.html

It seems that Crovitz's sole motivation was to try to refute the recent comments by President Obama about the need for governement spending on public infrastructure.

In Crovitz's twisted version of reality, the US government had nothing to do with the creation of what is now known as the Internet. Thankfully we still have renowned computer scientist Vint Cerf to remind us of what actually happened back in the 1970s.

Cerf and his collaborator Robert Kahn created one of the most fundamental technical underpinnings of the 'net known as TCP/IP. Kahn was on the Defence Department payroll and Cerf got government funding for his research.

For Crovitz to try and claim that the government had nothing to do with the development of the net is blatantly untrue and his claims are nothing more than political posturing.

No credit for Uncle Sam in creating Net? Vint Cerf disagrees
A legendary figure in the invention of the Internet weighs into a new debate about the U.S. government’s role during that heady era. Read this blog post by Charles Cooper on Internet & Media.

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