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Now that both +Verizon Wireless and +AT&T have revealed their shared data plans… 2

Now that both +Verizon Wireless and +AT&T have revealed their shared data plans it is becoming increasingly clear that for most customers their will probably no money saved.

When the wireless companies started rolling out family share plans some years ago the pricing actually worked out to be beneficial for many users as they paid significantly less for additional lines than they would otherwise pay for a separate account. 

This time around, the wireless companies have decided they weren't going to be so generous. For most customers that don't use 3G/4G tablets, they will be lucky to get away with paying about the same amount every month in exchange for giving up unlimited data and getting uncapped access to the voice and SMS service that they are generally using less of. 

For me personally we never use up the 1,400 minutes I pay for on five lines (4 smartphones and one Verizon at home line) but we have 4 unlimited data plans. Going to the shared plan with 6GB of data to share among 4 people would cost me within a few dollars of my current bill. 

The people that will benefit from the new plans are those that have few lines and multiple additional devices like tablets. They will go from $30 a month for a tablet to $10. 

I don't want an unlimited voice and messaging plan for all my phones. If Verizon would offer me 700 or even 1400 minute plan for $25-30 per line, I would switch over but under the current set up I will stick with what I have for as long as I can. 

Do shared iPhone data plans help consumers?
With AT&T announcing its shared data plan, it joins Verizon with a new model aiming to get consumers to pay for a shared bucket of data, voice and texting among multiple devices on a family account. The companies argue that it will save money in the long run, and for some, it just might.

But should you and your account sharers leap on the shared-data plan? If you’ve been holding onto a grandfathered unlimited-data plan and holding off on a mobil…

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