I first met Tony Posawatz in a Manhattan conference room in mid-December 2006


I was there for a background briefing with General Motors executives on the new +Chevrolet  concept that would be revealed a few weeks later at the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. That car was the +Chevrolet Volt Over the next four years I was fortunate to have many opportunities to talk with Tony as I wrote about the development of the Volt. http://rechargingthecar.abuelsamid.com/

General Motors was fortunate to have Tony leading the Volt development team and he was a steadfast supporter of the the extended range electric vehicle concept. He was one of the first people recruited after Bob Lutz and Jon Lauckner originally sketched the idea out in early 2006.

Now after 30 years with GM, Tony has opted to retire and move on to new challenges. No doubt Tony will do something interesting no matter where he lands next. http://www.autonews.com/article/20120702/OEM02/120709984/1261

In April 2008 I was one of the first outsiders to get a change to drive the Volt powertrain development prototypes and I chatted with Tony about the state of development at the time.

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