My friend +John Voelcker asks the question "When will +Tesla Motors start reporting… 2

My friend +John Voelcker asks the question "When will +Tesla Motors start reporting monthly sales figures?"

Throughout the 3 1/2 year of the Roadster, Tesla only reported sales a couple of times, when they managed to hit records of over 100 deliveries. After the initial rush of delivering pre-orderded cars in late 2008 and early 2009, they wouldn't even talk about the orders they had trumpeted for so many years up to that point.

From that point onward though, CEO Elon Musk and his spokespeople refused to get specific on the numerous occasions that I and other writers asked

As a privately held company they certainly had the right to do that.  Even now as a public company they are not compelled to break out the number of cars sold, other automakers do it because registrations are public information and those interested in doing the research can eventually find out anyway. 

Tesla certainly doesn't have to be open, Apple certainly doesn't breakout specific sales most of the time, but it would certainly help build confidence in a company that builds products costing fro $50,000-100,000.

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2 thoughts on “My friend +John Voelcker asks the question "When will +Tesla Motors start reporting…

  • Stelios Kalogreades

    The comments are baffling. Considering the financial trouble the company has found itself in over and over, thay would surely allay somewhat investor confidence if they are selling and, if not, like in any other publicly traded firm, if unsuccessful it will generate some action at the shareholder meeting.
    The Apple styled "passion" exhibited by the owners seems to be mudding the waters.

  • Sean Pereira

    I think Tesla will eventually release monthly sales figures, but I can see why it's not a priority. They are producing a car a day right now and want to ramp up to 5 cars a day sometime in July. Those sales numbers aren't exactly going to be staggering. That plus the fact that the reservation holders are quite excited about getting their cars and they will report the exact moment they get their hands on the key.