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Numerous companies have tried to sue Google over the years and governments have investigated the search giant over accusations of favoring some sites over others. Of course google favors some sites over others and some cases it happens to own those sites, most notably Youtube.

Google's whole premise since day one has been to organize information, interpret search queries and return the most relavent results. The fact in many cases other sites owned by Google are deemed the most relevant is because web users think it so.  When looking for certain videos, Youtube happens to be the most likely place to find them because of the sheer volume of content there. However, if the videos also appear on other sites like Vimeo, those results appear too.

If web searchers didn't find Google's results to be worthwhile they would migrate elsewhere such as Bing or Blekko. There is no need for government or other legal intervention here.

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+Jeff Jarvis describes his recent interactions with Google Search and an appendix that crashed and burned.  Pray that governments never are able to enforce the dangerous and loony concept of search neutrality — they'd end up killing a lot of people that way.

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