Actually for me, these new plans that I was anxiously awaiting are significantly… 2

Actually for me, these new plans that I was anxiously awaiting are significantly worse than what I have now.  I have 4 smartphones with unlimited data on a 1,400 minute plan with texting plus the at home phone service for a 5th line. The data rates that VZW is charging are simply too exorbitant for what you get compared to current individual plans.

Extra lines (after the initial 2 in the family plan) currently cost $9.99 a month including that 5th at home line. Under this new plan that home line would jump to $30 even though it's essentially a dumb phone that can't text or use data. $70 for 4GB of data is simply obscene.  

No way around this, Verizon is screwing us big time.

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There has been a lot of talk about how Verizon's new Shared Everything Plans are a bit expensive. But in actuality, they are better than what is currently offered.

Aside from the fact that Verizon is never known for not being expensive, in an apples to apples comparison, the new plans are actually quite favorable.

For example, under the current plans, unlimited voice for three lines costs $150 per month. Add unlimited text for $30 per month, and then three smartphone plans for $90 per month and you are at $270 per month.

The new plans will offer the same amount of service for $200 per month ($40 for each smartphone, $80 for 6GB of data shared between all three). Additionally, the new plans offer more flexibility with how the data is used, and I imagine that many customers will be able to save even more money and get away with the 4GB plan (saves $10 per month). The savings is at least $70 per month, not something to ignore.

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2 thoughts on “Actually for me, these new plans that I was anxiously awaiting are significantly…

  • Sam Eisenberg

    As someone who based his cellphone purchase around the fact that I have unlimited data, I feel particularly screwed. I went with the 16GB iPhone 4S because I knew I could stream my music collection through AudioGalaxy. Expect a huge rant from me if and when they force me to change plans (they are only forcing this upon you when you upgrade devices, right?).