Who'd a thunk it? You let motorcycle riders leave the helmets at home and more… 10

Who'd a thunk it? You let motorcycle riders leave the helmets at home and more of them die.

Natural selection at its best.

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Helmet Law Repeals Raising Motorcycle Deaths | TheDetroitBureau.com
Is it a trend towards freedom – or another way of increasing organ donations? More and more states, including Michigan, are repealing helmet laws, but a new report reveals that the trend is being matc…

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10 thoughts on “Who'd a thunk it? You let motorcycle riders leave the helmets at home and more…

  • John Berger

    If this article is an attempt at justifying a repealing of the repeal, just stop it. Those cyclists know what they're doing; and if they decide to risk injury or death, that's all on them. They knew that going into the repeal.

  • Anton Wahlman

    People do things every day that shorten their actuarial life spans: eat too much food, eat too bad food, exercise too little, engage in skydiving, diving into the ocean, generally walking unsupervised in public in the dark in unsafe neighborhoods, and so forth.  There is no justification for seat belt laws, helmet laws, or equivalent.

  • David Henry

    Natural selection at its finest. Why do we have laws to protect people from themselves? I don't mind laws that protect other people from the stupid things I might do, but if I want to harm myself, then let me do it?

  • Sam Abuelsamid

    +John Berger  Actually I'm fine with allowing adult riders to go helmetless or skip the seatbelt with one stipulation. If you opt to forgo a very effective safety measure such as a helmet or seatbelt you should also be exempted from being able to sue or have the rest of us pay for your folly. If you want to responsibility, then take full responsibility including financial. 

  • Anton Wahlman

    As soon as you engage in government financing of health care, or laws forcing hospitals to treat people regardless, then you naturally open the door to, in Justice Scalia's words, "forcing people to eat broccoli."  I guess eating broccoli and wearing seat belts and helmets fall into the same bucket here, in principle.