It's nice to see Detroit land near the top of a best list for a change 2

When I first moved to the Detroit area full time in 1990 and had to fly out Metro airport on a regular basis it was a horrible experience. The terminals were dark, cramped and hard to get around and you could always count on a minimum 30 minute wait for bags when landing.

When the new midfield terminal opened a decade ago, DTW immediately jumped from the worst to one of the best airports I've ever flown out of, a process that was completed when the new north terminal in 2008. Aside from the whole TSA/security thing, it's a great airport. Now if there was a quick train that could get me from Ypsilanti to the airport I'd be all set.

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2 thoughts on “It's nice to see Detroit land near the top of a best list for a change

  • Peter Rukavina

    I flew into Detroit Metro at the end of an El Paso-Austin-Houston-St. Louis slog on Southwest in the early 1990s. The challenge for me was to get from the airport to the downtown Greyhound terminal so I could get across to Windsor to catch the train to Toronto. I was travelling with a 2 year old.

    We managed to find our way out of the airport, walked about a mile to the local transit stop, figured out how to pay for the bus, got downtown, found the bus terminal, and got on the bus. It was a very harrowing experience.