Unless things change dramatically under Google ownship, I suspect that the Droid… 3

Unless things change dramatically under Google ownship, I suspect that the Droid 3 I'm running right now will probably be the last +Motorola Mobility phone I ever buy. Motorola has reneged on their promise last year to unlock bootloaders on phones, and to provide operating system updates for at least 18 months.

They published an updated list today of devices that will get official upgrades to Android 4 and confirmed that the Droid 3 and X2 will stay on 2.3 Gingerbread forever despite having debuted less than 12 months ago.

What really annoys me is that D3 and every Moto phone since runs on the same TI OMAP4 platform as the Galaxy Nexus so it seems like this should be a no-brainer.

Frankly this is bullshit and the only saving grace is that there are now several very good independently developed ICS ROMs for the D3. I just flashed the May 16 build of AOKP last night and its running great. Still a couple of minor issues with bluetooth and the camera but very stable and faster than the stock rom ever was. At the very least Motorola should release all of the drivers for the D3 and X2 so that devs can get the final remaining issues worked out.

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3 thoughts on “Unless things change dramatically under Google ownship, I suspect that the Droid…

  • Melina M

    What company would you go to, though? Samsung isn't any better, at least. +HTC may be an option, since they seem to actually care about their dev community, but other than that I'm not sure who actually bothers updating their stuff.

  • Frank Marotta Jr

    I'd say get the Galaxy Nexus and be done with it (like I did), except if you go with the Verizon version, be prepared to wait MONTHS for updates after Google submits them for review – NOT the way its supposed to work on a Nexus device. There has been a 4.0.4 build floating around for a long time now which supposedly addresses the few glaring issues it has, but Verizon is still sitting on it. I could root and install the leaked release, but I got a Nexus specifically because I didn't want to have to jump through hoops like most power users of Android do to get a device set up the way they want. Other than that, the hardware is screaming fast, ICS is brilliant, and the screen is phenomenal, so if you're willing to get a GSM version, you'd probably be happy. Given all that, I still may just get an iPhone next time around. Annoying.