Mmmm! Bacon! 5

Mmmm! Bacon!

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5 thoughts on “Mmmm! Bacon!

  • Cheese Slap

    5,000 years ago…up until around 50 years ago, it made sense not to eat pork. They were indeed filthy animals that ate garbage…and that garbage found it's way into the meat. These days, you don't even need to cook pork beyond 140 degrees–because there's nothing living in it that can withstand that kind of heat. There is a reason that chicken and hamburgers need to be cooked to 175.
    The pig guidelines for Halal and Kosher were originally there for a reason–likely a healthier way of living. But today, we're not prepping or cooking on ancient, dirty slabs of rock. Everything is much cleaner–especially the pig meat.