A word of warning if you happen to rent a truck from +U-Haul 1

I helped my daughter move into her new apartment this morning and we rented a cube van from U-Haul to shuttle furniture across town.

Anytime you rent a car the agency usually charges a premium over the going rate for gas if you don't bring it back full. Typically they charge about $0.50-1.00 over the going rate. We got the U-Haul van with 5/8 of a tank and got back with 9/16 of a tank after driving 15 miles. Sofia rented the truck and I hadn't read the contract.

It turns out that U-Haul charges $5.00 a gallon (the going rate around here right how is about $3.55-3.60) and worse they also charge a $30 service fee! Fortunately there was a gas station just 2 blocks away. If you rent from U-Haul, make sure you put gas in before you return it.

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