Just like before…I just wanted to remind you! 1

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Just like before…I just wanted to remind you!


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One thought on “Just like before…I just wanted to remind you!

  • Brandon Christ

    That's not how science works, though.

    You'll note that gravity, evolution, and relativity are all called theories. That's because, empirically, we cannot prove them. They're obviously true as far as our science goes, we base everything off of them, we're 99% sure of them, but we can't empirically prove them due to the fact that a result has to be proven to be effective 100%

    Therefore, religion can, too, be considered a theory. Whether you believe it or not is a whole other ball game. Also, using the scientific theory in this sort of situation, where we're dealing with metaphysics and philosophical argument, is kind of like driving a nail with a screwdriver. Yes, maybe you can get some sort of rudimentary result, but it's the wrong tool for the job.